Solar System

Sometimes the universe, angels, the spirit world, whatever you want to call it, will give us signs of what action or inaction we should take. These signs can be as subtle as repeating numbers. Each number has its’ own meaning:

111 – Intuition – Think about what you want when you see this number & listen to your intuition. Do you feel strongly like you know what’s right in the pit of your stomach whether it’s an easy thing to do or not? Follow your intuition & think positively!

222 – The Right One – Newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Did you just come up with a new idea right before you saw this? Go with it!

333 – Trinity – Focus on your mind, body & spirit balance, your own trinity. Connect with your higher self, the universe is assisting you. If you believe in angels, it’s a sign of encouragement from them!

444 – Protection – You are protected by your angels/spirit guides and you are being supported by them in your choices because you are on the right path.

555 – Change – A major life change is coming. Keep an open mind, it could be one door closing so another, better one can open!

666 – Step Back – It’s really not as bad as you think, but it is a sign of being out of balance with the universe. Take a step back & a deep breath, look at the choices you’re making. You are probably on the wrong path somewhere in your life.

777 – Inner Strength – You are on a roll. You are supported by your angels, the universe, you’re on the right path. Look forward to a bright future.

888 – Infinity – There is light at the end of the tunnel. A phase in your life is about to end. If you look at the number 8, it’s the infinity symbol vertical. So, seeing 888 is infinite blessings coming your way because you are in harmony with the universe.

999 – Completion – Since 9 is the last single digit number, it means the completion of something in your life. Our lives change all the time, make sure you let go of whatever no longer serves you, so that new & better can come in.

Now, there IS 1 more single digit number, it’s zero. Not everyone believes that 000 has a meaning. I personally happen to believe that it does, but there are various meanings as well.

000 – Spiritual Connection – Since 0 is a circle, the basic idea is that something has become, or is about to become, full circle in your life and you will be blessed with the best outcome possible. There is suggestion that the reason this has happened is because you are one with God and you feel his presence within you because a circle truly has no beginning and no end.

From what I have studied because my husband & I both started seeing lots of repeating numbers, this is my personal discovery. It does not mean life is simple or uncomplicated. I was seeing 555 a lot, then I lost my job because of Covid 19, but I also ended up getting a new truck because of a new opportunity! It also gave me the opportunity to get some things done that I just didn’t have time to do working 40 hours a week.

Sometimes one door has to close for another one to open. I know life, especially here in the USA, is crazy & stressful right now, but there is hope!

What Do Repeating Numbers Mean?


Are you seeing repeating numbers? Do you get behind a car with a license plate with 3 numbers in a row? Or do you look at the time at 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.? When do these things happen? What’s on your mind at the time? Are you getting an important phone call? Are you thinking about a decision you need to make? Are you thinking about a specific person in your life? What about someone you just met & your opinion of them?