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What helps you/What hinders you/What is your Potential
Current Situation/Challenges/Guidance
You/Your Partner/Relationship

5 Card Success Spread


$25-$22.50 Special 

$20 Member Price

These cards reveal:
1) Major Concern or Obstacle
2) Current Challenges/Complications  
3) Factors affecting your current situation
4) New ideas, people or things that can help you grow further.
5) What needs to be done to succeed or what needs to be done to avoid failure.

6 Card True Love Spread

$30-$27 Special

$24 Member Price

If You're in a Relationship:
1) Your current feelings about your relationship/approach/outlook
2) Your partner: Emotions towards you/attitude/expectations of relationship
3) Connection: What are your binding/common characteristics?
4) Strength of relationship/positive qualities
5) Weakness of relationship/things that need improvement
6) True love card: What needs to be addressed. Will relationship be successful?


1 Card

Do you just want 1 card to answer a question?


$20 for 20 Min or $50 an Hour

You can pick 1 deck or multiple decks & whatever cards are revealed are explained no limit on cards.

Cosmic Sky

6 Card Future Love Spread

$30-$27 Special

$24 Member Price

Are You Looking For Love?
1) Your future true love.
2) Will the attraction be instant?
3) What will the person be like?
4) Challenges
5) What will help?
6) When, where or how will you meet?

7 Card Career Path Spread

$35-$31.50 Special

$28 Member Price

1) Is your current job your ideal job?
2) Actions to take to further career
3) Negative aspects of current career
4) Performance in current job, enough effort?
5) Changes/Improvements needed
6) Is there a past event affecting your current work status?
7) Anticipated result if guidance is followed

8 Card Spiritual Guidance Spread

$40-$36 Special

$32 Member Price

1) Primary concern/question/issue
2) Interprets motivation for your quest for guidance
3) Area in life you are anxious/disheartened about
4) Events in your current situation you're unaware of
5) Advice Card: How to overcome worries
6) Best way to proceed/keep moving forward
7) How to move forward with a positive light
8) Possible results if guidance is followed


Cosmic Sky

10 Card Celtic Cross Spread

$50-$45 Special

$40 Member Price

1) Current Situation
2) What is helping you or holding you back
3) Subconscious influences: What does your heart truly desire that you are unaware of?
4) Past Card: What past events/issues are bugging your life until now
5) Conscious desires: What are your objectives/goals? This is where to place your strongest energy
6) Headlight: Where are you going? How to redirect your life if necessary
7) Your attitude: actions/thoughts/ideals
8) Energy card: What kind of energy do you get from people surrounding you and your environment? Are they helpful?
9) Revelation Card: Things you should know and be aware of in your current situation, don't neglect this
10) Final Outcome: Based on your current energies are your current goals/conscious desires possible?